Backflow testing and certification
For backflow prevention, testing is essential and required by Illinois EPA regulations.
What we do

At Valley Fire Protection, our CCCDI licensed plumbers will test and certify backflow devices and submit all required reports to the appropriate municipality on your behalf.

  • Inspection of cross connection control device
  • Repair backflow assemblies
  • Installation of RPZs and backflow prevention devices
  • Testing and certification of new and existing backflow devices
  • All required reports

Commercial backflow services on fire protection and plumbing systems

Backflow prevention devices are required by most municipal codes in order to protect the local ware supply. Backflow prevention is typically implemented at each cross-connection point within a plumbing system to prevent contaminated water from coming into contact with potable water.

Water can be contaminated with a number of substances that are not healthy for human contact, such as feces and pesticides as well as hazardous materials like chemicals and fertilizers. Valley Fire Protection is uniquely suited to make sure backflow services are working correctly.

RPZ backflow preventer devices testing and certification

Backflow, a reversal in the flow of water in a plumbing system, is a fairly common problem caused by back pressure and back siphonage. Illinois EPA regulations require that every reduced pressure zone valve assembly (RPZ) backflow preventer device, which keeps contaminated water from coming into contact with potable water, be inspected and certified annually.

At Valley Fire Protection, our certified inspectors will test and certify residential backflow prevention devices. We will then make sure that the relevant municipality receives all the required documents demonstrating compliance with regulations.

Our inspection and maintenance team specializes in fire sprinkler systems for commercial buildings such as warehouses, offices and hotels, as well as residential properties like single-family homes, condos, apartment buildings and townhouses.

Illinois EPA regulations and local municipalities also require that every building’s backflow prevention assembly be inspected and certified annually. Backflow testing is important to ensure your safety by protecting drinking water from chemicals and toxins. Our licensed cross-connection control device inspectors (CCCDIs) perform this service and provide the proper certificate to governmental agencies and insurance carriers.

We certify and test:

  • Cross-connection controls on all testable backflow devices.
  • Repair backflow assemblies.

Backflow problems are typically created by forces that are beyond the customer’s control. Also a backflow prevention device is a key safety and health component of your business. Contact us or schedule your backflow test today and rely on Valley Fire to help keep your property and water safe.

Commercial backflow installation and repair

Not all fire protection and plumbing organizations are alike. At Valley Fire Protection, we make the process, whether it’s inspection and testing or installation of new or retrofit devices, easy and pain free for our clients. Here’s what we offer:

  • Installation of RPZs and backflow prevention devices
  • Testing and certification of new and existing backflow devices
  • Submission of all required reports to the appropriate municipality on your behalf
  • Annual reminders of your next test date
  • Full compliance with State of Illinois, local and EPA laws

Backflow devices have to comply with a slew of legal requirements that can be overwhelming. Avoid the hassle and let the specialists take care of the needed reports. Our professionals are skilled in the maintenance and repair of backflow prevention devices. Keep your business safe with Valley Fire Protection experts. Give us a call at (844) 771-3168.

“Please pass along how much I appreciated the crew you had working here. They were very professional and conscious of their surroundings. I appreciate the time they took every morning to go over what their work plan was for the day, this way I could let our supervisor know what areas we should have our employees stay clear of. I was very happy with the timely completion of the job and the workmanship that went into it. This crew is welcome back in our building anytime. I won’t hesitate calling Valley for any future needs that may arise.”
– David DiGirolamo – Maintenance Manager
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Why us for RPZ backflow certification?

Our clients can attest to the fact that Valley is a customer-centric organization offering industry-leading solutions to ensure backflow issues are dealt with quickly, effectively and efficiently.

  • Valley Fire Inspections’ plumbers are backflow preventer specialists who provide inspection, installation, repair and certification of a wide range of backflow devices.
  • Our licensed cross-connection control device inspectors evaluate all testable backflow devices.
  • After testing, the documentation for each backflow device is updated with the most recent test date and results.
  • Copies of the backflow test results are provided to the proper governmental agency and stored electronically in Valley Fire’s office.
  • We offer a single point of contact for all compliance issues.

To test and certify that your RPZ backflow device is in compliance with local and Illinois state laws, contact a Valley Fire account manager at (844) 771-3168. Customer references are available upon request.

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