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Because commercial faucets and valves are used hundreds of times every day, they have to be checked regularly. We are committed to providing best plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance services.

  • Loose or damaged packing nuts
  • Age-related issues affecting the faucet cartridge
  • Washer cartridge is compromised
  • Sediment or rust buildup affects mechanical housing
  • Higher than expected water bills
  • Mold and/or discoloration on walls near valves

Commercial faucets and valve plumbing services

Like all plumbing appliances, faucets and valves sometimes require repair even with proper maintenance. Whether you need your plumbing systems repaired, tested or replaced, our qualified workers will find the right solution. By regularly checking your faucets and valves, we can detect problems while they are still minor, making for relatively inexpensive repairs while avoiding downtime and disruption. Because commercial faucets and valves are used literally hundreds of times daily, they have to be regularly checked. We are dedicated to providing the best in plumbing repair, installation and maintenance services.

Faucet repair and replacement

Nothing lasts forever, including the mechanics of a faucet. It’s not uncommon for pipe dripping to go ignored until it becomes a huge issue. A leaking faucet, though seemingly innocuous at first, is actually quite costly as the wasted resources begin to add up (one leaking faucet could cost around $20 a month extra on the water bill). However, if a leak is combined with a drain malfunction, the issue suddenly becomes quite urgent. At VFP Plumbing, we help clients fight against such issues.

While it could be something as small as a worn washer or a damaged nut that causes a leak, it’s important to have a routine maintenance strategy in place to ensure that all the faucets in a facility are in working order. This also catches potential problems before they occur.

Common causes for a leaking faucet include:

  • Loose or damaged packing nuts
  • Age-related issues affecting the faucet cartridge
  • Pitting in a valve’s brass housing
  • A compromised washer cartridge
  • Sediment or rust buildup that affects the mechanical housing

Contact VFP Plumbing and have us come to your facility and inspect all your faucets. We will repair or replace any damaged parts quickly and efficiently.

“Once again, Valley was right on top of what I needed. Thanks to everyone at Valley for a routinely great job, (but I’m sure that’s all you ever hear from all your customers!)”
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Valves repair and installation

Much like faucets, valves can be the source of major plumbing issues. However, since valves control the flow of water from the piping to the faucet any damage that occurs to them requires immediate attention. Unlike faucets, which are easy to see and inspect, valves are often hidden out of sight and can thus lead to more serious issues, such as flooding, when they malfunction.

Signs that your valves need to be repaired or replaced include:

  • Poor water pressure
  • Musty odors coming from under a cabinet sink
  • Pooling water near valves
  • Higher-than-expected water bills
  • Mold and/or discoloration on walls near valves

At VFP Plumbing, we assist clients in identifying valve connection types and provide the solutions necessary to ensure that the flow of water is consistent and safe. Please contact us in case you need some help with your valves or faucets repair or replacement.

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Valley Fire Protection’s staff works directly with both architects and professional technicians to produce the designs. Our collaboration allows us to configure systems that meet the specific requirements of your job, no matter how large or small.


We understand the importance of following schedules, which is why our project managers work closely with the design-build staff, material suppliers and installers. Our experts will ensure the process runs smoothly, finishes both on-time and within budget.

Repair & maintenance

Whether it is a pre-quoted and pre-scheduled service or an emergency repair, we offer peace of mind to our customers.


We are on call 24/7/365. Valley Fire Protection has a highly trained team of 30 service technicians with fully equipped vehicles positioned throughout Chicagoland and Indiana.

Water pressure problems and broken plumbing solutions

Having the right water pressure in a commercial environment is imperative. At VFP Plumbing, we ensure that the flow of water in our clients’ facilities is operating at optimal levels. However, there are a number of reasons the flow can be compromised, including:

  • Bad water valves
  • Debris in water
  • Faulty pressure regulators
  • Piping leaks
  • Mineral deposits in piping
  • Low pressure from water mains

The source of the problem isn’t always in plain sight, which is why it’s crucial to call in a plumbing professional with the technology to detect where the issue originates. Old iron pipes can gradually narrow from years of calcified buildup, causing water pressure to eventually come to a standstill. Rust may break loose and plug a faucet, the inside of a valve of other locations within the plumbing system, leading to low water pressure.

At VFP Plumbing, we’ll determine if the plumbing is broken, if the water pressure from the city is compromised, if the pressure regulators need to be repaired or replaced, or if the source of your problems is due to debris in the plumbing system.

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We don’t only design, install and repair fire protection systems, but also by providing a range of trusted and reliable protection systems.

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We take pride in performing with expertise, integrity, and accountability. Our technicians and skilled labor employees are professionally trained, appropriately licensed and certified, and always adhere to state, local and national requirements.

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Licensed plumbers and certified technicians will immediately resolve even the most unforeseen emergencies 24/7/365. We can quickly recover fire and life safety systems while minimizing damage to physical assets.

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