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Home Fire Sprinkler Day - NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative

Saturday, May 19 is National Home Fire Sprinkler Day!

Home fire timline

For the first time ever, May 19 is now recognized as Home Fire Sprinkler Day. This national effort is aimed at raising awareness of the life-saving technology that is fire sprinklers. This day will aid in breaking down the myths and legislative barriers that hinder the use of fire sprinklers in homes. With over 2,300 home fire deaths per year, it is imperative to take safety into your own hands. A smoke alarm alone does not provide enough protection for you and your loved ones if a fire breaks out.  See how quickly a fire can spread by watching the video.

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The Batavia Fire Department responded to 4,010 calls for service in 2017; a <0.1% increase in service requests. There were 1,675 fire/rescue/service calls and 2,335 emergency medical calls. This is the sixth consecutive year they’ve experienced an increase in call volume. The department responded to 492 requests for assistance to neighboring communities and requested assistance into Batavia 149 times. Firefighter/Paramedics arrived on the scene of an incident in six minutes or less 83.1% of the time while maintaining an average response time of 4 minutes 22 seconds. The national standard for the response time to the scene of an incident is recommended to be six minutes or less.