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Valley design team Victaulic Trip 2017

Our design team was recently invited by Victaulic to visit their Corporate Headquarters, Foundry, and RND facility in Allentown, PA in July. Though the trip was short, our team had a great experience while learning about new products and how companies like Victaulic are changing the future of fire protection.

Upon our arrival to Allentown, Victaulic gave us a very warm welcome. We were received at their facility, introduced to Victaulic team members, and shown to conference room set up with company information, food and drinks, and Victaulic notebooks in which we could record notes of our visit because photography was not allowed.

Following our welcome, we were given an in-depth tour of their facility during which we learned a great deal about the Victaulic company and their manufacturing process. According to our tour, 90% of the metal Victaulic uses is from recycled metals. Victaulic tracks each recycled metal batch and takes it to the lab for testing to ensure it meets quality expectations in areas like density and tensile strength.

metal manufacturing and testing process

From there we were able to tour the plant where the metal is heated and poured it into molds, trimmed of excess metal, sanded and prepared for paint. Following the painting process, the parts go through an inspection and testing process including pressure testing, hydro testing, and even testing the electrical components on tampered devices. We were impressed to see the rigorous testing the parts endure at the hands of many people before they can be approved for shipment.

metal painting, testing and inspection
man testing and inspecting metal

Following our tour of their manufacturing processes, the Valley team was shown how Victaulic is ready to answer the shift from AutoCAD to Revit. There has been a strong push in the industry to move all trades to use the Revit Platform which meets all the criteria that defines “TruBIM,” or a smart model that showcases all items used in the creation of a building. Victaulic has done significant legwork to integrate their products into Revit and work with the HydraCAD software to make it easier for end users like us.

Victaulic manufacturing software

Drawing in Revit takes the real world building and turns it into a virtual reality that is cohesively shared between the Architect, MEP FP Trades, Steel Erectors, and any other function that relates to construction of a building. This ensures all information is current and all changes are tracked. The Valley design team will be working closely with Victaulic and HydraCAD to continue to improve our skills so we can answer the call when this industry change becomes an everyday reality.

revit real building construction drawing

The last stop on our visit to Victaulic was an introduction to Victaulic’s impressive new one-inch grooved system. We were able to try our hand at grooving one-inch pipe and coupling the fittings and pipe together. We were surprised at how quickly and easily this process was thanks to their new system that eliminated the need for cutting oils and the repetitive use of pipe wrenches and threading dies.

man grooving one-inch pipe

Overall, the Valley design team’s trip to Victaulic was well worth the time. Providing our customers with the cutting edge of design technology and fire protection products separates Valley from the competition.

Matt Clegg,

Design Manager