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Fire protection legislation heats up for building owners

How it will affect you … and where to get financial assistance Tragic building fires made national headlines throughout 2003. On February 20, nearly one hundred people died in a fast-moving fire at a Rhode Island concert venue. In September, fourteen elderly patients were killed and many more injured in a blaze at a Nashville...

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Corrosion in fire sprinkler piping

Corrosion in Fire Sprinkler Piping – by Tom Hartel. You work diligently to protect your building from fire. You install a quality sprinkler system with state-of-the art piping and heads. You conduct regular inspections. Then a fire breaks out and your system fails. The tiny, but very aggressive cause may be hidden inside your pipes...

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Valley fire receives web-design and excellence award

Valley Fire Receives Web-Design and Excellence Award from The American Association Of Webmasters. Valley Fire Protection Systems is proud to announce their most recent award for the re-design of their website, Valley Fire partnered with iGenMedia Web Design to revamp the overall design, layout, and usability of their existing site. The site, selected from...

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The dangers of backflow – solutions for public safety

If the proper precautionary measures are not taken, backflow can pose a serious threat to public health. There are numerous documented cases of contaminants invading the public drinking water through cross connection/backflow problems, causing illness, diseases, and even death.

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Controlling microbiologically influenced corrosion in fire sprinkler systems

Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)-causing bacteria seem to be everywhere. Evidence of their presence and by-products was recently reported to be on Mars.1,2 MIC-causing bacteria are present to some degree in almost all of our potable and municipal water supplies.3 It is a worldwide problem, and we are all affected by the effects.

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