Fire alarm systems
Full support for FireLite, Edwards/EST, and Silent Knight fire alarm systems.
What we do

Our highly skilled team of designers and technicians can meet your needs by designing and installing a variety of systems that utilize the highest quality products currently available on the market.

  • Fire panels & NAC panels
  • A full line of manual pull stations
  • Smoke, heat, duct detectors
  • Horns/strobes inspection
  • Sensitivity testing
  • Programming services

Fire alarm systems

The key to ensuring your fire alarm system is going to perform as intended is a complete and thorough inspection of all of its components. With annual, semiannual and quarterly inspections, organizations can protect themselves and gain the peace of mind that their system is fully functional.

We can design, build and install everything from the simplest of systems to designs that incorporate the most technologically sophisticated products currently available on the market to meet your needs. Our highly experienced technicians are factory trained and certified to work on all major brands of fire alarm panels.

Valley Fire’s in-house fire alarm system design team boasts a number of professional certifications and designations and uses leading-edge technologies like AutoCAD to deliver professional-grade system designs.

While sprinklers are critical to your fire protection plan, Valley Fire provides a full range of services and products for another essential part of the plan: fire alarms. We inspect to protect and offer fast repairs of any problems large or small.

Fire alarm design and build

The professionals at Valley Fire pride ourselves on our strong relationships with local fire departments and municipal regulators, which helps to keep us current with the latest code changes and technologies. Our drawings are approved quickly and our parts made available just as fast, bringing your projects to completion on time and within budget.

If you own or manage any kind of building, you know how vital routine system testing is to ensure that vital life-saving equipment like fire alarms is working properly. Testing requirements differ according to building type, but we consider it our duty to keep you compliant.

We combine deep knowledge of the NFPA fire code with the requirements of insurance carriers and the local Department of Public Health. This knowledge allows us to be proactive in keeping your systems running safely while keeping you in compliance with code.

Fire alarm installation

As an authorized distributor of Siemens fire alarm panels and components, Valley offers superior pricing and receives replacement parts more quickly than the competition.

The best equipment on the market is worthless if it’s not installed correctly. At Valley Fire, we have experts with years of experience in installing the best fire alarm systems. With incredible attention to detail and pride in our craftsmanship, our clients trust and appreciate the work we do, day in and day out.

Fire alarm inspection and testing

Ongoing support and service to installed fire alarm systems is crucial, which is why Valley Fire has committed professionals working every day to ensure that the alarm systems are functioning and ready to sound when an emergency happens.

When we come to your facility for inspection and testing, we’ll do the following:

  • Test all fire alarm control panel (FACP) and notification appliance circuit (NAC) panel batteries.
  • Test all building devices tied into the FACP.
  • Pull down the release on pull stations to trigger alarms and reset the pull stations upon completion.

Smoke detectors, heat detectors and duct detectors are all tested per manufacturers’ recommended testing methods:

  • Ensure horns are sounding and strobes are flashing in sync.
  • Confirm that the central station is receiving fire alarm control panel signals.

We will test the functionality of all fire alarm systems and components while documenting any deficiencies found and recommending corrective measures.

“When we work with Valley Fire Protection Systems we know we are contracting with a company that will provide the highest level of service, maintain our schedule, work within the parameters of our budget and help solve not create problems...”
– Michael Long – Vice President of Principle Construction Corp.
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Fire alarm system repair and maintenance

Through our thorough inspection and testing regimen, Valley Fire gets to the bottom of any issue that is affecting, or could affect, the normal operation of a fire alarm system. We have the tools and knowledge to take care of repairs when needed and to offer critical maintenance services to keep systems running properly.

Our Services

Valley Fire Protection’s staff works directly with both architects and professional technicians to produce the designs. Our collaboration allows us to configure systems that meet the specific requirements of your job, no matter how large or small.


We understand the importance of following schedules, which is why our project managers work closely with the design-build staff, material suppliers and installers. Our experts will ensure the process runs smoothly, finishes both on-time and within budget.

Inspection & testing

We closely monitor each project all the way through from the quoting process to the final acceptance test.

Repair & maintenance

Whether it is a pre-quoted and pre-scheduled service or an emergency repair, we offer peace of mind to our customers.


We are on call 24/7/365. Valley Fire Protection has a highly trained team of 30 service technicians with fully equipped vehicles positioned throughout Chicagoland and Indiana.

Fire alarm monitoring

Lives are at stake, which is why Valley Fire offers fire alarm monitoring services. Many of the issues that can cause an alarm system to malfunction go undetected unless they are carefully monitored.

Certified fire alarm system contractor

Valley offers the stability of a company that has operated continuously for more than 40 years, combined with technological savvy and immediate parts availability. We’ve never forfeited a bond and we take great pride in our reputation in Chicago and Northern Indiana area.

Simply put, we do what we say we will, and we do it with speed and accuracy – on a 24/7/365 basis. You can count on Valley Fire for all of your fire protection needs from alarms to sprinklers, inspections to repairs to installations.

Best in class value

Our clients are willing to go on the record about the professionalism and expertise that we bring to each project.

Trusted life safety

We don’t only design, install and repair fire protection systems, but also by providing a range of trusted and reliable protection systems.

Highest standards

We take pride in performing with expertise, integrity, and accountability. Our technicians and skilled labor employees are professionally trained, appropriately licensed and certified, and always adhere to state, local and national requirements.

Records in the industry

We are proud of the prestigious awards we have received and trusted certifications we have earned by providing industry-leading fire protection and plumbing system services to a full range of facilities.

Fast & reliable emergency service

Licensed plumbers and certified technicians will immediately resolve even the most unforeseen emergencies 24/7/365. We can quickly recover fire and life safety systems while minimizing damage to physical assets.

Need Fire Protection Services? We have you covered!

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