Fire protection services for new developments or retrofitting existing apartment buildings.


Installation of fire sprinkler systems for apartments is key to keeping your tenants and investment safe. Valley fire is trained to assess the fire protection needs of new apartment developments as well as older retrofits. A fire protection system that can isolate a fire to the unit in which it started is crucial to saving lives. At Valley, we understand the complexities of building a system for a new development or retrofitting an existing apartment building. Whether you are building a high-rise tower or a small apartment building, we are ready to protect it and the people living in it.

Apartment building after fire systems inspection and installation in McHenry
Sedgebrook Living Center
McHenry, IL
Senior apartments after fire systems inspection, replacement, maintenance
West Chicago Senior Apts
West Chciago, IL
Apartment buildings after fire system inspection, installation in Batavia
Quarry Stone Apartments
Batavia, IL

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