Industrial & manufacturing
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Industrial and manufacturing

Valley Fire Protection specializes in complex fire solutions for industrial and manufacturing facilities where wet fire sprinkler systems just won’t cut it. These properties are exceptionally challenging from a fire protection standpoint as they sometimes contain hazardous chemicals, explosives, combustibles, flammable liquids, toxic substances, corrosive materials or fertilizers. In addition to Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) systems, we can engineer, install and service more unique fire suppression systems such as foam, chemical and clean agent in many different types of buildings:

  • Laboratories
  • Museums
  • Clean rooms
  • Data centers
  • Server rooms
  • Records storage
  • Chemical plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Airports

These particular systems require trained personnel and equipment. Building owners are forced to follow strict NFPA standards, which may require pre-engineered system retrofit and installation, in order to maintain safe work environments. These systems can be costly to install and maintain, but Valley Fire prides ourselves on our ability to meet the clients’ specific needs while keeping costs low. Our engineering staff can evaluate the building’s use or specific hazard and make recommendations to the client helping them stay in compliance with updated fire codes.

Keson factory after fire systems installation in Aurora
Aurora, IL
Industrial and manufacturing project after fire systems installation in South Elgin
Lot 25
South Elgin, IL
Industrial project after fire systems installation and maintenance in Gilberts
Prairie Business Parkway
Gilberts, IL
Window glass front warehouse after fire systems installation in Aurora, IL
2640 Diehl Rd
Aurora, IL
Ridge cargo industrial building after fire systems inspection, installation in Franklin Park
Ridge Cargo
Franklin Park, IL

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